Our products are developed by our German engineering team in cooperation with internationally recognized universities and institutes.

Our European and National Building Inspection Approvals are granted from the German Institute for Structural Engineering in Berlin/Germany (DIBt). Additionally, we have country-specific certificates for certain products.

Our production plant is located in Suzhou/China, close to Shanghai, in a state-of-the-art industrial park. Here we employ more than 100 people. Our production plant is certified according DIN/ISO 9001 by the German TÜV Süd. Furthermore, a special monitoring contract has been concluded with the SLV Berlin-Brandenburg/Germany, a widely renown institute for building inspections, monitoring and certifications that conforms with applicable buildings. An experienced team of engineers guarantees a production according to European standards.


PEC Cast-in Channels and T-Bolts

Advantages of PEC Cast-in Channels:

  •  European Technical Approval (ETA)
  •  Hot-rolled PEC Cast-in Channels are perfectly suitable for dynamic loads
  •  No damage to the load-bearing reinforcement
  •  Applicable in concrete pressure- and tensile-stress zones
  •  Corrosion resistant due to hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel
  •  Preliminary planning reduces construction time
  •  Time saving and avoiding fire hazard by using screwing instead of welding
  •  Readjustable at any time
  •  Easy assembly without complicate tools
  •  No drilling required, so no noise and no vibration
  •  Integrated PEC rip-line for clean removal of the filler
  •  Efficient fixing in rows
  •  Comprehensive product range
  •  Solid packaging as required on job sites, also suitable for resale