Basically C011 is the same product like C010 but it has a lower density compare with C010 . the purpose of lower density is for providing the practical solution to the building’s interior area, because it reduce dead load towards building structure.
By using the special spray machine for fireproofing, C011 Low Density could be applied easily and quickly. To achieve a good fireproofing surface, it also could be applied by hand trowel for finishing work.
The most suitable area to applied C011 are in the High Rise and Low Rise Building, Hotel, Hospital, Government Building, School and other buildings.

The Advantages of C011

  • Easy Application
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Light Weight
  • No smoke/fume when burned
  • Fire Rating up to 3 hours, depend on the tickness
  • Resistance to cracking
  • Non-Toxic


Technical Specifications

Dry Density
400 – 450 Kg/m3

Min. Bonding Strength
0.5 Kg/cm2

Min. Compressive Strength
5 Kg/cm2

Non combustible to BS 476

Thermal Conductivity
0.131 Kcal/m.h.*C

Fire Resistance
According to ASTM E119