The C050 is our Firestop product. For the benefit of user, we packed IPILITEC050 product pre-mixed with cement in order to be applied quickly and easily. Just add water then apply it in the designated area by using the hand trowel.
C050 is very suitable to be applied for the hole/gap on the floor or wall area, such as cable shaft area, plumbing shaft, hydrant shaft, curtain wall, ducting and pipe shaft.

The Advantages of

    Easy Application
    Environmentally friendly
    Fire Rating up to 3 hours, depending on thickness
    No smoke/fume when burned
    Resistance to cracking
    Easy to add openings when applicating additional cable
    Good adhesive ability

Technical Specifications

Dry Density
550 – 600 Kg/m3

Non combustible to BS 476 part 20

Thermal Conductivity
0.152 W/m.K

Fire Resistance
According to ASTM E119, BS 476, JIS A 1304.