1. C020

The demand for efficiency and energy saving solutions on today factory push us to develop a product that can help factory owner by saving unneccesary cost from their machinery that generate heat or cold. By insulating the floor foundation where the machine is at, factory owner can reduce heat or cold loss, by doing that they can save energy and money that on otherwise becoming a waste.

Our solution the C020 is our specially formulated vermiculite cement base insulation flooring product that are proven to reduce heat or cold loss on the machine foundation, the floor area and also reducing noise transfer.

We recommend a minimum of 50mm thickness on the application.
After C020 ( flooring ) was applied, the surface have to be protected by a cement plastering , steel plating or other marterial to get a smooth and strong surface.

Normal Characateristic :
1. B 104 / cement PC
2. Density (*) 640 kg/m3
3. Compressive Strength 15,5 kg/cm2
4. Thermal Conductivity “K” 0,12

(*) density can be adjusted on customer request.

Recommended application in C020:

  • Dryer
  • Boiler
  • Furnace
  • Cold storage room
  • Etc

2. Soundproofing System

is light weight vermiculite cement based acoustic underlayment developed to reduce impact and sound transmission through the floor system.Because of its Cement Base, should not be used where high acid resistance is required.The surface temperature must be above 4C during application.

For highly absorbent and smooth dense surfaces, a grip primer should be used. For surface consisting of material widely varying physical properties, approved reinforcement such as Fiberglass mesh or galvanized expanded steel mesh are to be used.The surface must be clean,dry,free from other contaminants which may applied affect the adhesion of the mortar.

Technical Data :
1. Dry Bulk Density : 640 Kg/m3
2. Compresive Strength : 1.5 Mpa
3. Sound Transmission Class ( STC ) : 50 dB ( 500 Hz @ 2cm thick )
4. Thermal Conductivity : 0.132 W/mK
5. Fire Resistance: BS 476 part 20
6. pH : >12
7. Color : Grey / Off White

  Advantages :
  1. Easy to Apply
  2. Fire Resistance
  3. Non Flammable
  4. Resistance to Fungus
  5. Ecological Free of Plastics
  6. Excelent Sound Insulation
  7. Superior Thermal Insulation

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