BV Roof
Are your Building exposed to the sun ray almost the whole day?
Do you ever experience or feel that heat is coming from above your ceilings or from your roofing?


We got an economical and enviromentally friendly solutions that possible can also reduce your electricity bills as well. Our solution the BV Roof is our specially formulated vermiculite cement base insulation roofing product that are proven to be light weight, reduce heat, have an incombustibility property and a good noice reduction.

The advantages on using our I BV Roof Roofing insulation product
reducing heat and make the building more comfortable
slowing heat penetration from the room below to the roof.
Fire resistant, lightweight , sound reduction and easy application.

Technical specification

density (*) 513 – 529 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 10,5 kg/cm2
Combustibility Non Combustible
Thermal Conductivity “K” 0,087 W/mK

(*) density can be adjusted on customer request.

Recommended application in BV Roof:


  • Home Office / Small Office building ( ruko )
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Housing with ducting as roofing
  • Luxury homes
  • factories
  • Etc

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