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1. Expanded Mobile


PT. IPI SUNIJAYA offers a variety of mobile, portable, and transportable perlite expansion systems, in a range of production capacities, that can be used to produce different perlite end-products.

The most common use of these systems is the on-site production of expanded perlite for use as insulation in large cryogenic tanks.

Equipment for this type of work can include: portable and mobile furnacing equipment, portable baghouses, portable dense-phase conveying systems, bulkers (large tank trucks), blowing and evacuating equipment, etc. 

2. Filling Equipment


Cryogenic tanks, LNG & LPG Tank and Coldbox are double-walled tanks with the space between the walls filled with expanded perlite as an insulation material. During the construction of these tanks, the perlite is expanded in situ using a mobile containerised furnace. Perlite is then installed inside the tank using a pneumatic pumping system.

Over the life of the tank, the perlite inside tends to self-compact causing a decline in the level of perlite in the annular gap, which results in the appearance of cold spots on the exterior surface of the tank.

PT IPI SUNIJAYA has the expertise and equipment required to inject perlite into the tank in an explosive atmosphere. This way the original levels are restored and cold spots are eliminated. Natural gas tanks must be topped up using sealed and pressurised injections of perlite that are achieved using pressurised nitrogen while maintaining the normal working conditions of the tanks. The use of pressurised nitrogen and hermetically sealed injection guarantees that the atmospheric oxygen never comes into contact with flammable gases from inside the tank, which would result in an explosive atmosphere.

The process is carried out under strict control procedures that have been developed and implemented successfully in several projects involving re-insulating LNG tanks with perlite.

Our team of highly experienced engineers is able to advise the customer and provide all kinds of details about the technical aspects and engineering requirements of this specialist service.

3. Perlite Discharge


Once a cryogenic installation has reached the end of its useful life, it may need to be dismantled and replaced with more modern and efficient facilities. At this point in a dismantling project, one must consider how the expanded perlite will be removed and what value or treatment is going to apply to the removed material.

PT IPI SUNIJAYA has extensive experience of this type of process and is ready to help you address the problem and find the best solution. We have the technology and procedures required to proceed with the removal of material and, if necessary, assess the revaluation of the extracted perlite. Good quality perlite can be reused if the operation is economically viable.

4. Spray Machine


is a tool used to spray cement plaster equipped with an air compressor. This cement plaster tool is capable of bleeding and spraying wet mortar with grain sizes up to 6mm and the use of this machine is up to 4 times faster than manual plastering methods. The operator only needs to point the nozzle at the wall, so that the sprayed cement sticks directly to the wall. This cement plaster concrete machine can be used for applications: base coat plaster, insulation coating, structure coating, grouting, waterproof mortar spraying, floor leveling and so on.

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